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We are a team of Bhatajis dedicated to seeing that you perform Pujas without burning a hole in your pocket. Who does not like to save money? People in Pune have the option of choosing our affordable Bhataji services, with a big smile on their face. Your smile is valuable to us. We make sure that unlike other Bhatajis, who take their own time to set the date for the Puja, we make sure that we perform it at the earliest.

Glorious City

Pune has always kept pace with development; it is now one of the best places to live in India. However, unlike other cities, the city of Pune has always maintained its own culture which dates back from the birth of Shivaji Maharaj and the Peshwas. Lokmanya Tilak gave the city of Pune and Maharashtra, as such, the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi. People in Pune are known to respect all gods and celebrate festivals with pomp. There are thousands who perform pujas everyday to appease the gods. Pune can be called mini Indian in itself, owing to the fact that people from all over the country reside in the fascinating city.

Globalization And The Changing Concept Of Puja

In the age of globalization, it becomes necessary to preserve our traditional culture and Onlinebhataji.com has been started with this intention. Onlinebhataji.com understands that there is paucity in the availability of Brahmins or Bhatajis in the city of Pune and the website wants to fill in the shortage. The intention behind the site is to provide the services of skilled Brahmins (Bhatajis) for Pujas. It is quite expensive to hire a Brahmin to preside over a Puja, in the city of Pune. However, with our dedication to providing quality service, we make sure that you can fulfill pujas, without burning a hole in your pocket. Onlinebhataji.com has provided to be a boon to people in Pune; try our service to find out for you. Call us and we will take care of your Puja.

You would not lose anything simply by calling us and allowing us to explain our superior services and a ‘not so superior’ price.